#BuenasNoches fans, #sweetDreams of hawt tight hard bodies & affordable couture.

… Still thinking what to dress like for Halloween #AlisonDeLarentis #PLLHalloween #RedCoat #PrettyLittleLiars (at Ravenswood)

What a fucking incredible session with Heidi! - first of all her name! Then she played a Britney Spears B side (#Trouble) and my team mate was this hot blonde dude. What else can I ask for! (at Brick New York)

Before I forget… #MadonnaMondays - Happy Friday boys! - yeah, it’s my Friday!!!

Companies in the fitness industry should know by now that New Yorkers are taking the fitness lifestyle to the next level. It sucks when you go to a fitness studio and the instructor does not even pay attention to the little details that might set apart his class from other classes and studios -“
Once I go on I’m in the zone”- WRONG ANSWER! Let me be in the zone and u stay on the clock. I am not gonna say what studio, class or instructor because I am not throwing shade. I am more disappointed than mad, that’s all.

They say I act like I don’t give a fuck. I tell them I’m not acting #SaveTheHumans

Happy hump day I guess . (at David Barton Gym)

#ThisIsNotAWaterBreak - “That Fucking Fabster” (at Tone House NYC)

It’s Monday - don’t be a #Lesser. #GETSHITDONE (and be nice while you’re at it)

#VivaLaLeatherJacket ! #SweatpantsForever #MessyHair

I think everybody should have at least one #LeatherJacket & a #PinkBike

That’s right. 💅👑💪💪💣👊 #KeepItRightKeepItTight

A little nostalgic. 🍸 (at The Empire Hotel)

#NamasteBitches (at Bikram Yoga NYC Flatiron)

A little bit of wisdom to carry on today - #WhenImGone