Feel the sensation so close on vibration. - Relax, it’s. Just sex. #FeelinCunty #DamitaJo #RythnNation

"Hanna won so Mona loses, find her before the cops or they’ll think you kill her" - #OneLessLiar #PrettyLittleLiars #FataleFinale #IsAlisonNotAlison #PLL #TwinTheory

Thank you @tekknishen for my new Tshirt!- it looks awesome! #PurePanjabi

" I wanna save you from yourself, I wanna save you from everybody else… I shoulda told ya you were worthy" - @mandymooremm, An incredible song that never saw the daylight. #BeautifulMan #YouTube

"Let me show ya’ that am right for you- you’ve always wanted someone to love ya’ da’ right way" - #Fey #SweetTemptation #MexicanPower ,sadly an album that never saw the daylight.

What a short night. I hate short nights #BrokenDreams by QueenOfHearts soundtracking this rising #Warrior

Leather Man. Thats all

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#GYMotivations - We often forgot of thing we do not see but are still there , take a selfie of your other side and tell me what you see… 

Winter is at its peak. Bundle up but still look hawt showing a little bit of skin.

TOM REBL Fall/Winter 2014/2015

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In a parallel universe we are going grocery shopping right now, you know, our Sunday thing to do.

This could have been us … but life sucks and you are a douche and I am better than you . The end.

Scotty ♥ . That’s.all.

Up all night to get lucky…. #LetsRunawayTogether

How to know when a guy’s after your money…